“Confidence is the biggest service we provide. We have you covered from crisis resolution to long-term evolution.”

We act now, plan for the long term, and go the extra mile.

Confidence –
That’s the biggest service we provide.
NOX90 has you covered from crisis resolution to long-term evolution, while it keeps its clients safe from the ever-changing aggressions of cyber malice.

Defense in depth –
Is more than an information assurance (IA) tactic. It is NOX90’s strategy to use multiple layers of security controls throughout its clients’ information technology (IT) system, providing physical, technical and administrative security redundancies. These may include firewalls, hierarchal passwords, intrusion detection, anti-spyware programs, biometric verification, personnel training, and real-world physical barriers and protections.

Security Maturity Acceleration –
NOX90 will design and implement your security infrastructure.
We will provide rapid risk assessment and tactical deployment.
NOX90 helps prepare organizations for crisis with real world experience and strategy
NOX90 helps organizations with hardpoints such as deploying security systems into production environments, tackling breaches and insider threats.

Security Solutions Provider – Security products consulting installation and integration services
Multiple security layers, combined with multiple activity profiles, embedded and monitored on both hardware and software platforms through overlapping applications, provide 360-degree solutions:

– Application Security
– Network Security
– Endpoint Security
– Database Security