Building automation – Accelerating production

Services include

  • Shift Left & Automated security testing
  • Secure Environments & Asset visibility
  • DevOps security team cooperation
  • Compliance cost reduction

Our Clients

Our clients are organisations with varying levels of
security maturity – wishing to work faster, better and
safer at building and updating their online environments.

State-of-the-art, Forward-Thinking, Tactical Implementation

We are unique in our ability to package leading security
products with deep DevOps and security knowledge and
experience. Through that offering we are not only able to
accurately assess your needs and suggest applicable
solutions but to provide, integrate and service them on an
ongoing basis.

Through our experience in these fields, we
offer security solutions for CI/CD as well as developing automated solutions for easier security product integration and ongoing



  • Integrate your security into your Continuous integration/deployment.
  • Automate common security procedures.
  • Use code to get the most out of security products.


We deliver Cloud security, for SAAS, PAAS or IAAS.


  • We use the best products.
  • We stay around for the long haul.
  • We are multi disciplinary, ex devops or ex system guys, each with a track record.
  • Innovation is in our nature, and an integral part of our lives and work.


We believe smart security should be a natural part of your product.